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We build ideas driven by the future

We build good experiences for our clients, our partners, our team, our subcontractors, and our community.


To provide our clients with the best real-time information, ensuring that
they’re kept up-to-date with their customer’s
evolving tastes and needs.


To be the one stop BigData solutions provider.
We encourage innovation, adapt to change and think differently.

Convedge was founded in 2010 at a time when big data technologies were emerging in their infancy. Over the years we have been a major advocate for the adoption of big data, and have helped businesses around the world utilise it to minimise costs and maximise profits.

In the past, many businesses have been skeptical about the idea that big data can be harnessed to create purposeful information, capable of informing marketing strategies. We, however, have sought to prove them wrong. Now, businesses willing to adopt big data technologies are able to identify new growth points and realise their fullest potential. We offer our clients a clearer understanding of their customers and their marketplace.

How do we do this? Through our partner Fusionex, we analyse and digest large and complex banks of information. We turn sheets of numbers into concise pointers to identify market trends, grow your business and create a clear road-map for the future. Big data is the future and it is here to stay. Through us, our clients are able to achieve a competitive advantage.