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Where are my customers?

I was at a conference the other day speaking about how internet changed our way of business life, the life that we are and used to live. An audience asked me a very interesting question, " Stan can you tell me how to grow my current customer base?"

My answer, rather, question to him was " Do you know who are your customers now?". He gave me a very high level demography of his current customer based on what he knew, and how he struggle to keep these customers of his posted and continue to buy from him, an keep spending money to offer what he "thinks" his customers wanted to buy..

I shared with him that his problem isn't any unique one but in face a very common challenge of any businesses today, every businessman/woman ask themselves this question everyday. The answer to this question lies in how you want to move your company forward, not how you want to keep your current customers, or find new customers.

So, where are my customers now? Your customers are in the future, not the current. How can you build your future customers when you are constantly finding ways to keep your current customers, and "try" to develop your future customers base the "current" ways?

Your current customers will be history, and they wont be able to buy from you anymore ONCE their phase of life passes their need to buy from you. Stop developing your company future base on current customer's behaviors, they are NOT your future.

well, there you have my friends, start to build your online brand presence, this is where the future customers are. Do not spend too much money on this effort now but must build it fast and quick. Start Small, Aim Big

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