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eCommerce, again.

Attending an eCommerce event in a while, the organizer asked me to deliver "sure win" strategy in eCommerce, and i was like...

eCommerce, just like any commerce/business, need more that one strategy to make it. The one significant difference between eCommerce and conventional commerce is, digital. So, thinking or imagining eCommerce can make your business a success is such a wishful thinking/imagination when you are only depending on digital as your single channel.

Omni channel, or multi channel marketing is the one and only one way of making any business successful, on or offline, big or small. Instead of telling friends or relatives on how good is whatever you are selling, eCommerce is about telling/spreading this "good products" news faster and further, and, one ultimate fact remain....YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DAMN GOOD PRODUCT TO SELL and only then other human will buy them, fair?

Do not, i repeat, do not rely on eCommerce marketing platform alone to do the selling, you, as business owner, NEED to sell your product, eComerce marketing platform's role is just to help you to market, to reach the potential new buyers, to reach a green field that you never knew, but NOT guaranteeing any business unless you sll your product good. Come can you think any 3rd party can know your product better than yourself? please wake up and be rational about this, do not let others sell your products, you have to sell them, yourself!

Well, time to go, and please ya, stop dreaming of making zillion of $$ when you are not ready to spend zillion of efforts to make your eCommerce a real money making business..


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