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E-commerce for SME, to do or not to do?

Lots of business owner friends of mine been telling me their intent to explore their business online/eCommerce, but always have a few burning questions that never seem to get answered....

1) How to start?
2) How much to invest?
3) How long to invest?
4) where to start?
5) Am i sure i will make money from this venture?

Next, BigData, is there a real return from investing into BigData and again, all the hows and when/what/who came in t haunt. Every business owner know we need to master all these critical business data (operational/customers) as much as we could in this new world order (digital lifestyle) but we are simply too "small" to even talk about this, so what we can do are purely read, know and admire.

Until very recently, we manage to start to address some of these irritating questions with the launch of very first SME eCommerce platform that are BigData ready. Fusionex ANT for SME is a very comprehensive eCommerce platform for ALL SME businesses to start the journey of digital business with 3 easy steps, which we named the Project ONE - Onboard. N-gage, and Expand.

For any SME business to start eCommerce life, we figured that there are 3 simple steps that all need to do. First, get yourself Onboard by setting up your own e-store (with payment gateway ready) on your company website. This action coupled with digital media marketing and all other conventional marketing activities will allow SME business to start collecting digital data systematically.

Second, N-gage (engage) all these digitally active customer by ensuring their loyalty is being rewarded with loyalty program/reward program that allow personalize our attention and intimacy individually, making sure all the customers are the super VIP! (Very Important Partner)

Third, Expand our customer base by start connecting the friends of our VIP by referral marketing approach..the fact is, we believe in our friend's recommendation lot more compared to any sales pitch, regardless how good is the pitch. This is where BigData will come in to connect all these important person in our business digitally, and try to understand all what they want us to understand and do for them.

Sounded easy? Exactly!! This is the whole intention of this creation because we are simple person looking for simple (yet effective) solution to help us to achieve 2 end goal, to make more money, and/or, to save more money in our business.

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